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Guys In Real Life (5 min excerpt), 21:00, 2012. Available at Vtape.

A young man discovers his sexual identity through early computer bulletin board systems. While exploring ASCII art, erotic text adventures, cyber-sex and porn video games, Harold finds that the machine slowly disappears and the boundaries between reality and obsession become blurred.

A pre-cursor to the Internet, BBS networks were small, localized, dial-up communities where a new world flooded with art, secrecy, piracy and sex began to emerge. They shared phone numbers, not hyperlinks.  Long distance charges applied.  There was no way to find out who was on the other end.

G.I.R.L is a look at the history of online sex and an attempt to show us the temporality of our online existence.

Illustrations for my upcoming video The Games Master. 2013
Digital photo collage and digital painting.

Music video for Graves by Hooded Fang.

Directed and edited by Andrew Omega /
Camera and lighting by Krzysztof Pospieszynski / Demo Reel
Title, backgrounds, Amiga animations by Mark Pellegrino

Dream. Vector drawing / Digital painting, 2013.

On Being Selfish. 4:20, 2010.

Guilt-tripping over not making the kind of art that helps anybody.
Produced on an emulated Commodore Amiga system with 20+ year-old animation program Deluxe Paint 5.

Ancient Ones. Ongoing digital collage series. 2012


Ra. (From the series: May Darkness Bless Your Sacred Path Forever and Beyond)
Pencil Drawing + Vector/Digital Painting.



The Judge

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